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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOXNEWSW  October 27, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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with the threat of hurricane on the horizon, president obama and mitt romney keep their eye on the prize. they are attending several events. welcome, great to have you here inside america's election headquarters. i'm jane jane. >> governor mitt romney making a last minute push for votes in the building ground state. polls are showing for the race for the white house is tighter than ever. carl cameron is live in florida heading to kissimmee where he is expected at another rally. what is the latest. >> reporter: hi, gregg. one of romney en route to kissimmee for the second event
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of the day. all the events, mitt romney has not postponed because of hurricane sandy as it bears down on the east coast. there were three plans, they will be moved to later dates and he will join us with paul ryan in ohio tomorrow in order to steer clear of the storm. earlier today he was in the panhandle, up there talking to conservative republicans and n pens colt la, a g.o.p. stronghold. a combination of really trying to organize and rally the base. get them out to vote as well as courting moderate swing voters. to that end, more romney made a deliberate and outward overture seeking bipartisan. watch. >> we've got to do something that doesn't happen very often in washington, that is paul ryan and you are going to do what we have done before. we are going to reach across the aisle, build bridges to the other party. >> reporter: those bridges don't
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extend to president obama. rhetoric is getting increasingly tough. mr. romney saying it lacks to agenda and amounts to stagnation. he argues that he and paul ryan will bring about bold changes. yesterday he gave a big speech that was the beginning of what constitutes a closing argument when you are still yesterday, 11 days, now 10 days away from election day. look for more attempts to shorten the rhetoric and sharpen the hits as they move closer to the election day. >> gregg: what a visual on a campaign bus heading to kissimmee. thanks. >> jamie: president obama making a campaign stop in a crucial battleground state of new hampshire. folk singer james carroll warming up the crowd gave a wide ranging speech outlining his
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will promise for the next five years. >> the unemployment rate is falling, manufacturing coming back to our shores. our assembly lines are humming again. housing prices are starting to pick up. housing starts are on the move. we've got a lot of work to do but new hampshire is country has come too far for us to turn back now. >> jamie: he won new hampshire by nine percent percentage points back in 2008. race is tightening there. ed henry will have a live report from new hampshire coming up later in the hour. >> gregg: there are some serious new questions for the president today after fox news learned as the consulate in libya came under attack, urgent requests were made repeatedly by those on the ground and the requests were denied. here is what we do know. as the compound came under siege c.i.a. operatives about a mile away asked for permission to help ambassador chris stevens
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there and they were told to stand down twice. they ignored those orders and they went anyway by the time they got there the compound was under fire. it was on fire, as well. they evacuated those who remained. they went back to the annex. they then requested military back-up. they were denied. hours later when it was all over former navy seals woods and glen doherty and sean smith and chris stevens all were dead. the president was asked about all of this. molly henneberg is live in washington with that part of the story. >> molly: he was asked twice about it. three pleas for help being denied as the embassy was under attack. he didn't answer directly but did say his administration is trying to find out what happened that day and also track down the people who carried out the attack.
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>> nobody wants to find out more what happened than i do. we wanted to to make sure we get it right. particularly i have made commitment to the families as well as the american people. we're going to bring those folks to justice. we'll gather facts, find out exactly what happened and make sure that it doesn't happen again. >> molly: the key question remains, who was it that denied help for the americans under attack. even the battle as it stretched into four hours, enough time for the military in the region to arrive. c.i.a. said it didn't turn down any reqtant help. pentagon official said it didn't get any requests to deploy assets. two republican senators on the foreign relations committee. obama administration needs to tell what it knows. senator bob corker and another senator said, after two months have passed it's time for the president to finally come clean and order his administration to fully disclose all
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communications relative to the security situation in benghazi. surely the death of four public servants warrant that action. john mccain blames the pentagon for not being ready to help the americans in peril. he calls it a lack of leadership. >> they were not prepared. there was no alert of any kind that would have enabled them to reach a state of readiness this that they could have intervened. >> leon panetta has said that military leaders didn't have enough information what was going on the ground and could not, therefore, quote, put forces at risk in that situation. gregg? >> gregg: molly henneberg, thanks very much. >> jamie: let's get more on this from former air force vice chief of staff. a fox news military analyst. general, it's a privilege to have you here, sir. leon panetta says we're doing a lot of monday morning
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quarterbacking. given all the assets we have elsewhere around the world. it does seem worthwhile to ask you what should have happened and when and what do you believe went wrong? >> the secretary of defense is correct we are doing quarterbacking. if they would tell us more we would quit our monday morning quarterbacking. he didn't have the awareness to commit forces, look he had the situational awareness that the embassy was being attacked -- the consulate was being attacked in benghazi and should have had aircraft over there as soon as possible. john mccain is correct, they didn't have an alert status. we still could have gotten airplanes were armed or not over the consulate annex within probably a couple hours. we should have done that. we didn't even try. we didn't do anything. that is the very disturbing
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thing. we should have had alert aircraft. first we should have had a global hawk over benghazi and tripoli on 9/11 the anniversary. they announced the day before that we should take radical islamists should take advantage and defeat the americans because they killed binlibbi in afghanistan. we should have had intelligence surveillance and assets right over libya. >> jamie: you are saying we should have begun the operation to protect everyone even before 9/11. we had enough intelligence at that point to have people in place? >> absolutely. are we brain dead? we have been fighting this war for 11 years. the secretary of defense and secretary of state and president what did the president guidance
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give all as we came up to 9/11. i don't think he gave them any guidelines. >> jamie: look what happened a at the, glide answer. >> personnel broke rank which so rarely happens. so try do what they can and clearly at their peril. given that, and given the tragedy in this horrific outcome of not being ready if senator mccain is correct and you and not getting the job done in protecting our people, have any changes been made by the administration, by homeland security, by the c.i.a. or department of defense since this tragedy? >> i don't think there have been any changes. look, they could have saved ambassador stevens life if they would have immediately gone from the annex over to the consulate. i believe a small force coming in at nighttime could have disrupted the attacking force. we know that when they finally
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got ambassador stevens between 12:00 and 1:00, that he was still breathing a little bit. sean smith was dead when they got over there. i believe if they would have done that, whoever gave that term stand down, it wasn't part of my vernacular in the air force. our term was go to the sound of the cannons. go where the action is. whoever gave that stand down order, think is responsible for killing ambassador stevens and sean smith. >> jamie: that is very powerful to hear you say that. do you think this is all symptomatic of a larger security issue under the guidance of this administration? >> absolutely. their narrative, we killed osama bin laden the global war against radical islam and the global war on terror is over. we have defeated them. now, i'm a great fan of the
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secretary leon panetta. he gave the execute order for killing osama bin laden. he did all the work to make it happen. in this particular case, he is going to say, i never got guidance from the white house or from state to go commit forces in support of the consulate. that is not good enough more speck. when you hear people are in trouble you send them -- that is in order good enough mr. secretary. >> why weren't they involved and say, look boss we can get aircraft down there. we don't have the greatest but we do have former seals down there. they have been joint tactical operation center people. attack controllers. they can do that for us. we have a lot of people and eyes on the ground. we had a lot of situational
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awareness even though we didn't plan for it. >> jamie: and you are saying contrary to what we're told. general, thank you so much. >> thanks, jamie. >> jamie: tough story to report as new details come out. you definitely wanted to be sure to catch a fox use special investigation. it's deadly attack and airing this weekend, very important special, benghazi, new revelations. breaking down the details of the attack and the administration's response and bret baier is angering that. watch it at 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on sunday. we are learning about a new plan to attack one of our foreign embassies who they say is behind the suspected plot. >> jamie: governor mitt romney gaining huge ground among a critical voting bloc. why so many women may be leaning to the right.
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>> gregg: time for quick check
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of the headlines, indonesia's terror unit arresting 11 people. the group accused of plotting attacks on embassies. >> michigan police investigating a freeway shooting they believe is linked to an ongoing crime spree. latest target was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the hip. at least two other shootings are reported. >> harry reid in pretty good condition after a rear-end collision in las vegas. officers say six vehicles in all were involved in that crash on interstate 15 yesterday. >> jamie: less than two weeks until election day. a lot of undecided voters that are trying to make up their mind. many of them are women. both candidates are trying very hard to gain their support. a brand-new poll shows them both tied at 47%. mike tobin has more from ohio.
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>> a solid majority of the coveted undecided vote is women. no voter is more targeted more aggressively. >> our voice matters and our voice counts and our opinion and our role. >> it has to do with abortion. a lot seems to deal with equal pay. that speaks out to me. >> which do you believe. >> obama supporters hit on the concept that a rolled win would threaten health care and remove women's choices. >> overturn roe v. wade. >> and they link him to controversial statements about rape and abortion may bhied aiken and mourdock. >> because they are so provocative and extreme they are getting attention. >> conservatives of been operate weigh the strategy that women voters care about the same things men do.
1:19 pm
>> being a woman, you think with b your children and you think about their future. >> the economy is driving the issues in ohio. it's not a troubled up war on reproductive rights. >> it's not a trumped up war on productive rights. >> do you ever think you would be special. >> on women's issues falling flat. >> women's issues, this sure they are important but they are not hugely important to me. >> so women voters remain the last movable part of the electorate. specifically in ohio they could decide the presidency. >> gregg: fox extreme weather, serious warnings what could be the worst storm in decades. hurricane sandy and this monster system already being blamed for 41 deaths and massive damage in the caribbean.
1:20 pm
right now the rare hurricane is ready to strike the united states with a potential to blanket the eastern third of the country affecting millions of people. there you are, pictures from space showing sandy is a behemoth. where will sandy hit and what should we be doing to prepare. maria molina is live. >> sandy is very large storm system. tropical storm force winds from the center of the form, 450 miles, meaning the entire span of the storm system is 900 miles. you can is a take a look at it here. it's a very huge. south carolina to bermuda you are feeling currently some impact from hurricane sandy. it's still classified as hurricane, maximum sustained winds at 75 miles an hour. we are seeing tropical storm conditions across eastern portions of north carolina very, very heavy rain coming down and
1:21 pm
wind gusts of tropical storm force. we are expecting the impacts to continue to happen in the carolinas. it does take sandy northward and turns it towards the coast of the northeast. anywhere from new jersey down to parts of delaware, even portions of long island could be feeling a direct impact basically later in the day and sunday and even tuesday because sandy is such a large storm. we don't want to focus on where it's going to move onshore. it's so large many people will be seeing the impact. we could be looking at major coastal flooding from new jersey to maine. so where you have the onshore flow, it will be a long duration some places expecting to take up more than ten inches of rain, flooding will be a huge concern. some people can see impacts from sandy lasting 24-48 hours. very strong winds. that means major tree damage,
1:22 pm
power lines down and looking at power outages for millions of people. many cities will be impacted including places in the carolinas. people like d.c., boston, philadelphia and also new york city. a large area impacted. as we head into sunday, we'll start on see the rain picking up in massachusetts, down three portions of virginia. wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour along with beach erosion. by monday, that is when we expecting the center to make landfall. heavy rain gusts up to 60 mile-an-hour as well as coastal flooding and cold air is going to wrap in on the backside of the storm system. very heavy wet snow across the state have west virginia, locally up to two feet possible. >> gregg: two feet that is unbelievable for october still. brace yourself eastern part of america. thanks very much. we'll check back. >> jamie: we can give everybody a warning on that and tell you
1:23 pm
all the action on the campaign trail. the candidates are making their final push before election day. we're live from new hampshire where president obama is taking jabs at his opponent. new arguments he says but we'll hear from romney surrogate as the governor appeals to the early voter crowd in florida. we'll be right back. these fellas used capital one venture miles for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with e capital one venture card... you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can actually use. what's in your wallet? it was a gift. to bring you a low-priced medicare prescription drug plan. ♪ with a low national plan premium...
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>>. >> jamie: welcome back. president obama hitting the campaign trail in the crucial battleground of new hampshire today. with ten days before election day. president is opening a new line of attack against governor romney accusing him of raising taxes when he was governor of massachusetts. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live in nashua. >> good to see you. republicans think they have got the president on defense. here he is just two weekends
1:28 pm
before election day and he is in new hampshire. there is only four electoral votes. this is state he carried by double digits in 2008 but the real clear average right now, president is up about 48.3% to 47% for mitt romney. they are fighting for every electoral vote. in fact, mitt romney in couple days, and the president is meeting with teamsters union earlier today trying to to fire up his base. he has a new ad out called remember, trying to call out conservative positions he is trying to moderate him and mask his real views as he presents himself to the american people. it was interesting, the new line of attack at this rally. president accused mitt romney of raising taxes and even through a
1:29 pm
birder joke. take a listen. >> no higher fees for gas, no higher fees for milk. no higher fees for blind people who need to get a certificate that they were blind. he raised fees to get a berth certificate which would have been expensive for me. [ laughter ] >> reporter: now, at one point when the president was ripping on the mitt romney. he is a that is shortened version, declined up in an interview with rolling stone magazine. romney campaign has fired away at that notion saying the president by using that profanity is lowering this campaign. it's focusing on petty things, to push back from the obama campaign the president was trying to say in rolling stone magazine that mitt romney has flip-flopped on these issues.
1:30 pm
they believe is a serious issue and not just about that word. when the person shouted at that word and he laughed out loud and kept going with his speech. >> jamie: i like it. you are keeping it classy. thanks for the report. it makes a difference. take care. >> gregg: governor romney enjoying a huge boost in the polls but will his recent popularity with voters help him secure 270 electoral votes. here is governor making the case in battleground state of florida earlier today. >> this is a time of big choices of big consequence. it's it's a big election. president keeps talking about smaller and smaller things. we keep talking about larger and larger things. that is why this movement is growing across the country. it will sweep the nation. that is why we're going to win in november. >> gregg: republican congressman of tennessee joins us a romney
1:31 pm
campaign surrogate. look, it is true that governor romney leads in the national polls but the surveys congresswoman in those states show an advantage for president obama. so with only ten days left, how does governor romney win enough of those battleground states to close the deal? >> think he needs to continue to talk about what he has been talking about since denver. we saw when the american people would ko see the governor unfiltered and to talk about truly what he has done as a leader. we see the american people are responding to that. the governor has a plan. unlike the president, there are some new ideas in that plan. >> gregg: the president has the nice glossy brochure. [ laughter ] >> the only thing knew about that is glossy brochure. >> gregg: it's really glossy. president obama leads in three separate polls in ohio by two points in each one of them the
1:32 pm
cnn poll and purple strategies poll. in ohio, senator rob portman admitted this to nbc. if we don't win ohio, it's tough to see us winning the election nationally. it's possible, but it's very difficult. how does romney specifically close the gap there in ohio? >> i think there are a couple things to be said here. there are other polls that indicate neck and neck in ohio. it depends on what poll you are looking at. we know it's very close. obviously the candidates wouldn't be spending that much time and money in ohio if it wasn't very important. ohio is important. i do believe that at the end of the day. people in ohio are going to once again be looking at what other battleground states they are looking for. they are looking for a leader. someone who has proven in their record. >> gregg: jobs and fixing this
1:33 pm
economy. but look, you saw the new g.d.p. number, president obama has presided over the slowest rate of growth for any recovery since world war ii, too slow to boost the hiring. president is seizing on trend lines and narratives on the screen. 2% g.d.p., that an improvement and plus arrow. you know, 7.3 --7.8 jobless rate. that down, that is actually a plus, as well. won't that persuade voters that his policies are improving the economy? >> greg, i think all those folks that are out there that are still suffering. you talk about a 7% unemployment rate as that is something to be proud of. that is unacceptable. we need to get this nation moving forward. if you look at the trend here, it will take us ten years before we have full employment. that is unacceptable. we have 23 million americans
1:34 pm
that are looking for a job. they are struggling for work. there are people in ohio even they tahoe you have a miserable rate of 7%, there is a lot of folks that are suffering. they want something better. they wanted a plan. >> gregg: this so-called fiscal cliff of major tax hikes and spending cuts, that is going to happen in two months. manufacturers are now predicting six million jobs will be wiped out. unemployment will soar to 11% and here is what the president said in an interview yesterday. >> i've said to folks, i'll go to capitol hill. i wash john boehner's car. i'll do whatever is required to get this done. >> gregg: does he need to remind voters that he has had four years to solve the problem and rarely met with them.
1:35 pm
i'll meet w them and do the hard working of governing? >> in the two years i have been there. i have not seen the president to be a leader and work at all with the congress. he has decided not do that because he cannot run on his record. he has broken promises and failed policy. he can't run on his record. what does he do? if he tries to turn it away and try to divert it to something else. we see it today, campaigning on small things, trying to make the governor look unsuccessful. he was successful governor. >> and talking about big bird and binders -- okay, we can't go there. thank you representative diane black, a romney surrogate. >> good to see you as well. >> jamie: fox extreme weather alert. hurricane sandy is closing in on the eastern seaboard. there is rain falling on north carolina's outer banks and winds
1:36 pm
are picking up ahead of a massive system. it's just the beginning of what some forecasters are calling a serious and potentially deadly storm. elizabeth pran is live where folks are preparing for sandy's arrival. tell us more. >> reporter: that is right. officials tell us if folks are not prepared as of right now, it's officially too late. the conditions are going to deteriorate as far as tuesday. we're getting pelted with sideways rain. it feels like hail when it hits junior jacket. surf is getting pretty angry out there. waves between four to six feet. surf is coming up. high tide coming around 9:00 p.m. tonight. what are folks doing? we saw a lot of people removing from things likes lawn chairs
1:37 pm
and people who have boats are anchoring them down. we talked with one resident who waited it out 15 years for hurricanes this one is no different. this is how she prepares, listen. >> this is more of an ocean event. irene was lots of water. we had extensive flooding. we don't expect anything near than that. this is serious storm. it will on us for a long time, three days or so with gale force or better winds. >> reporter: that was an emergency official we spoke with earlier. one issue i wanted to bring to your attention. water is coming up. beach is coming close to the sand dunes and ten miles there was a $37 million beach restoration program. a lost those homes are protected because of that new beach restoration which did hold up with hurricane irene. they have a lot of faith to keep
1:38 pm
their homes safe. people in those low-lying areas can expect extreme flooding. there were no mandatory evacuations in this area. so people who did leave left on their own accord. >> jamie: always good to take the safe route. elizabeth, i know you will be riding out the storm. keep us posted. thank you. >> gregg: brand-new report out shows the economy is growing, but, you know what, if you dig deeper, it's not good news at all. why some experts are saying there is a lot more behind those numbers. >> jamie: and unique perspective on the fall out from the consulate attack. a former c.i.a. officer who took part in defending one of our embassies weighs in on the military's response to the deadly attack. >> every piece of information that we get as we got it we laid it out for the american people. the picture eventually gets
1:39 pm
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>>. >> jamie: maybe you heard news economy is headed in new direction but it turns out it's not going in the right direction quick enough for many americans to get back to work. a lot more americans. according to the commerce department the gross domestic product grew annual right rate of 2%. although it represents a jump without a doubt, economists say we need 3% to stimulate a significant boost in hiring. dominic is taking a look at all the numbers. hi, how are you. good to see you. so maybe we purposely buried the lead. the 2% increase in g.d.p. was
1:44 pm
mostly a result of.... >> government spending. government spending. so that is clearly an area that doesn't create a lot jobs? >> obviously it's not sustainable. we have an immense budget problem and deficit problem. so when the government spends more money that it doesn't have, it doesn't help the economy very much. a big chunk was military but the other was services. businesses actually contrasted in the amount of spending they did so, contracted. and net exports went down. >> jamie: so what do you expect in the fourth quarter? where do we go from here? >> if we look why did businesses contract their spending, its fiscal cliff. we are looking at this thing somehow we're going to flip a lighted switch on december 31. it is happening now.
1:45 pm
they are looking at december 31, i don't know what my tax bracket is going to be. i don't know how much spending is going to get cut back, military spending is going to get cut back. when you are looking at moment crisis down the road you will contract your spending and taking on the way and see attitude. unfortunately the guy looking for a job out there, they are the ones that are going to get hurt. >> jamie: let's hope the guys and gals that are looking for work, explain to them what businesses are thinking right now. there is worry what obamacare will cost a business owner and what they will be mandated to provide but also the global economic crisis is also playing a role in how business owners is to grow or contract? >> this is time of uncertainty that puts us where we are right now. europe right now is borderline
1:46 pm
recession. china g.d.p. has really contracted. last number was 7%. that number is very suspect. you there is a lot of political uncertainty and congress and white house making no decisions at all. global g.d.p. really contracting. choosing to hold on to cash. if we can get past the fiscal crisis, december 31 deadline, get the white house and congress to come up with a compromise, do i see clearer sailing ahead. for the time being, a lot of unknowns. >> jamie: let me clarify what you are saying. current policies are not working because you say mostly due to federal hiring and federal spending, not jobs for regular folks on main street. no matter who wins, can it can be fixed in four years? >> it definitely can be fixed. first of all clarity, businesses
1:47 pm
having clarity what the tax brackets, medical insurance for employees. they have trillions, between corporate american and consumer there are trillions of dollars sitting on the sidelines that could come cascading into the economy. energy going forward to really be a game changer. we talked about that in past. really cut costs to manufacturing and last one real estate, residential real estate really finally bottomed out. three million jobs added to economy. >> jamie: that could really help. >> gregg: i want to take a live look at kissimmee florida. governor romney is holding a rally with marco rubio who will be introducing him in just a moment. there is the governor. the duo expected to make one more stop today. by the way, governor romney has cancelled his rally in virginia. he he will join paul ryan in
1:48 pm
critical battleground state of ohio. if you would like to watch more of governor romney's remarks here in florida. you can catch it. it's streaming live on our website at we'll be right back. >> this election counts! managing my diabetes is part of my life, between taking insulin and testing mylood sugar... is this part of your life? freestyle lite test strips? why, are they any... beep! wow, that hardly needs any blood! yeah... and the unique zipwik tab targets the blood and pulls it in. so easy. freestyle lite needs just a third the blood of onetouch ultra. really? yep, which is great for people who use insulin and test a lot. max and i are gonna run out and get them right now. or you can call or click today and get strips and a meter free. test easy.
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>>. >> gregg: growing questions about what the president knew and when concerning the deadly attack in libya. americans getting several conflicting stories from the department of state, defense, c.i.a. the white house, mike akerman is former c.i.a. officer director of the ackerman group. to be news has learned that there were two military surveillance drones over benghazi, at least one sending realtime video back to washington. the state department admits it was following the attacks in realtime, yet the defense secretary leon panetta testified before congress they didn't have realtime information. take a look. >> basic principle here. basic principle here is you don't deploy forces into harm's way without knowing what is
1:53 pm
going on, without having some realtime information about what is taking place. >> gregg: how can that be unless somebody and maybe several people are lying? >> i have to believe that is a cop out. they had sufficient information in my judgment to be able to respond effectively. >> gregg: what about the other part of panetta's statement, quote, we don't deploy forces without knowing what is going on. does it sound to you like, hey, if you are marines serving our country and you come under attack, good luck and we'll watch in it realtime but we're not going to lift a finger to help you. since when is that our policy? >> unfortunately it does sound like this is our current policy. the former navy seals and his colleagues did what they were supposed to do. they went to the aid of americans under attack.
1:54 pm
the people in the curb shi chairs of the state department and white house, they failed to do what they were hired to do. >> gregg: tyrone woods, as you mentioned, he was a navy seal. he repeatedly asked for help, but it was denied according to our sources repeatedly by the c.i.a. chain of command. he was manning a machine gun on rooftop and he painted a laser on the enemy and asked for a gunship to hit the target based on the laser which is what they do. the request was denied. take a listen to his father who was talking to megyn kelly on fox news. >> they actually have laser targets focused on the mortars that was being sent to kill my son and they refused to pull the trigger. they refused to send a c-130, to
1:55 pm
me i'm an attorney. to me that is not only that but those people that gave the decision and who knew about the decision and lied about it are murderers of my son. >> gregg: you think the obama administration maybe the president himself that could have been watching it in realtime, do you think they just lacked the will? >> i think they did lack the will. there is some thought that we just simply weren't prepared to respond. the fact is, that would have been gross competence if we failed to prepare. it was september 11th. there was a film out there that angered muslims. there had been a riot earlier in the day at the embassy in cairo. i can't believe that our special forces weren't going to respond
1:56 pm
to an emergency in the middle east. >> gregg: what i read an f-18 fire could have gotten there in an hour or so. based on the laser could have taken out the enemy. i want to say thanks once again. mike ackerman, good to see you. >> thank you. >> jamie: a major showdown in the battleground states, ten days to go, who is it going to be? live another campaign trail for you, next. oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners.
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hi, everybody. great to see you. a brand-new hour and i'm jaime colby. headquarters.america's hi, greg. >> hi, jaime. topping the nice, the campaigns carpet the battleground states. mitt romney is in the biggest of them all. the sunshine state starting early voting today. >> and president obama is also out in force in new hampshire. a state dear to the heart of mitt romney. we will get a live report there. >> and a brand-new al-qaeda attack designed to murder more american embassy workers and private citizens stopped in its tracks. we have the details on this breaking news story. first we begin with hour with a fox extreme weather alert. dire warnings of what could be the worst storm we have seen in decades. forecasters are saying hurricane sandy could come ashore near delaware early
2:01 pm
tuesday before colliding with two other weather systems as it moves inland. that combination, you can only imagine unleashing torrential rain and high winds, and they are even making predictions of snow. some meteorologists are warning the set up could be the perfect storm posing a risk to millions of us. maria is live in the fox weather center. she is working it to make sure as many of us as can stay safe. >> we want to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst anywhere along the coast. so the northeast to the mid-atlantic and the carolinas, we are already getting reports of tropical storm conditions or tropical storm force wind gust usa cross the carolinas. starting to feel the impact of sandy across a large area of our country of the we got a new advisory from the national hurricane center basically stating that sandy's wind field has increased. we are talking about tropical windstorm force from the
2:02 pm
center of sandy, and we are you can taying -- we are talking a wind span of a thousand miles wide. a very large system. you can see it here on the satellite-radar image. you can see the rain moving on shore across portions of the eastern carolinas. something little to note from the advisory it is still a hurricane and has maximum sustained winds of 75 miles per hour. regardless of whether sandy is a hurricane or not when it does reach the mid-atlantic coast as we head to monday night it will be producing many impacts including wind, storm surge and flooding. not just along the coast, but flooding will be an issue even further inland as far west as cleaveland and ohio where we have flood advisories posted. looking at the rainfall moving on shore across north carolina and also eastern portions of south carolina 1k3* -- and it could take it to 11 inches of rain. a big concern of rain and eventually forecast to make a very sharp turn.
2:03 pm
as we head into later in the day it will come on shore across either southern or central portions of the state of new jersey. on the thorn end of the storm system, that's what you do have is storm surge being the biggest concern. we have a counter clockwise flow around the storm system. that's where we are seeing the wind push the water on shore. i do quickly want to show you the scenario with storm surge. the water is being pushed across portions of new jersey and long island and long island sound will be seeing a rise in water and a storm surge is expected to be anywhere between 4 to 8 feet which of course would be posing major beach erosion and coastal flooding. >> thank you, maria. we will check back with you very soon. >> thanks. well, hurricane sandy is tossing a wrench into the last
2:04 pm
frantic days of the presidential campaign forcing the candidates to keep an eye on the forecast and then change almost immediately their travel schedules as they try to get their message out. vice president joe biden can selling a rally in virginia beach. governor romney doing pretty much the same thing. he had an event set for tomorrow in virginia, but he is not letting the storm stop him from campaigning in florida. several rallies lined up today in the crucial swing state. probably to convince the last undecided voters he is the man for the job. chief political correspondent carl cameron is our man for the job. carl, what is governor rom know telling the folks. >> florida is not as worried as some of the states to the north. this is the second event of the day. it started in pensacola. and just a short while ago, governor romney confirmed to the audience that it is not only the one event in virginia beach that mr. romney has
2:05 pm
postponed for tomorrow. he will not be going to virginia at all because of hurricane sandy. >> i just spoke with the governor, governor macdonald and the governor and i talked about that. he said, you know, the first responders need to focus on preparation for the storm. we are not going to be in virginia tomorrow. we are going to ohio instead. [applause] keep the folks in virginia and new jersey and new york and all along the coast in your minds and in your hearts. you know how tough these hurricanes can be. our hearts go out to them. >> lots of prayers for folks in the storm's path and the campaign road is coming to a close soon. today is the first day of early voting in the sunshine state. and mr. romney and two of his supporters here the current
2:06 pm
senator from florida rubio and congressman mac say they have to leave here and go to early voting. it is very much sort of a -- particularly in ohio where the early voting has been underway for some time. and both campaigns are taking advantage of that. mr. obama cast his own early vote in illinois earlier this week. it is all a sign of trying to get their ground game established in the final week and a half. it is generally viewed that mr. obama has early voting. by some estimates the margin across the country when the popular vote is tallied could be less than eight million votes. when you divide that up across the country and focus on the battleground states, it could be an awful lot less. everything counts in getting out the vote. if you live in a battleground
2:07 pm
state you know your tv is flooded with advertisement. if are you in a battleground state your phone has messages on the answering machine. there will be mortal law mark ceght calls to get you to the polls. and then there is your e-mail box and your snail mailbox that will be jammed with direct mail over the next nine days to get people to the polls. >> and as millions lose power for a week or 10 days they are not getting anything. >> that could be profound for the campaign. the prospect of losing three or four days when there is a week and a half left is a major recalculation on both sides. >> carl cameron is live in florida. thanks very much. fox news cooer respawn department ed -- cory spawn dent ed henry is with us. he is covering president obama's campaign and we will hear from ed in a few minutes. fox news alert for you. nearly a dozen arrests in a massive terror plot in
2:08 pm
indonesia. the targets including a u.s. embassy and consulate and a major u.s. corporation. david piper is streaming live from bangkok, thailand. david? >> yes, this seems to be an advanced plot to attack the u.s. embassy. as you said the target seems to be the intervention of the indonesian security forces that stopped the attacks. police say the targets included as you said the embassy and the conflict as well as the australian embassy. they have been planning attacks on the local office of the u.s. mining company as well as the headquarters of a special police force. a police spokesman says the suspects belong to a new terror group calling themselves the sue thee movement -- the suni movement. it is a pre dominantly muslim country and the majority are suni. from the evidence they found
2:09 pm
and the places they raided, the group was well prepared for serious terror attacks. the items they seized includes a number of bombs, bomb-making material and ammunition. a gas canister filled with explosive material and videos of attacks on muslims from around the world and a bomb-making manual. according to police it is not clear yet if this new group has links to other established terror groups in indough indonesia which is affiliated with al-qaeda. the country has suffered a number of deadly terror attacks in the past. the first and deadliest was back in 2002 when 202 people died in bombings that are targeted at foreign tourists. the country's security forces have had a lot of success in recent years by cracking down on terror groups. it does seem, jaime, that they had good intelligence this time and managed to stop these guys before they could carry out their attacks. back to you. >> thank you so much for the report.
2:10 pm
al-qaeda leader calling for muslims to kidnap westerners to exchange for imprisoned jihaddists. it is a new two-hour video posted on militant forums. he is telling his followers that abducting westerners is the only way to free their captives including a blind cleric serving a life sentence for the 1993 world trade center bombing. in the videotape he also urges support for the syrian uprising and pushes for allah in egypt. meantime, the questions keep coming grens the terror attack attack -- against the terror attack in libya. sources are telling fox news that operatives made three requests to go in and help. that help was reportedly denied. four americans died in that tragic attack including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. and now the president is being asked some tough questions. molly has more.
2:11 pm
hopefully answers too. hi, molly. >> not a lot of answers, unfortunately. the americans under fire at the consulate in libya asked the cia to send in military back up three times to try to repel the terrorists firing on them and we were told no all three times. president obama was asked about this yesterday and he repeated that an investigation is on going. >> i guarantee you that everybody in the state department are military, cia, you name it. they had the number one priority making sure people are safe. these are our folks. we are going to find out exactly what happened. what we are also going to do is make sure we are identifying the attacks. >> who denied the request for help? the battle for the cia annex went on for four hours. it was enough time for military support in the area
2:12 pm
to arise. but it did not come. the cia insists they denied the request. no one at any level told anybody not to help those in need. claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate. the defense secretary leon panetta said they have information about what was going on on the ground. they could not, quote, put forces at risk. the pentagon officials said they did not refuse requests for help though. four americans were killed in the attack including the former navy seal tyrone woods. his father is demanding to know who made the decision not to help his son. >> who made the decision and who knew about the decision or murderers of my son. it is a strong statement for me to make, but for their
2:13 pm
benefit they need to clear their conscious. >> john mccain is criticizing the pentagon for the, quote, lack of leadership, that the military was not able to reach a state of readiness to get there in time. jaime? >> thank you so much, molly. that father of the navy seal killed in the consulate attack is demanding answers. he wants to know to help save his son. the judge spoke to tyrone woods' father and she will give us a preview along with some of his siblings. we will be joining her as well. that's later this hour. stay around for that. >> new fighting in war torn syria despite a tentative cease-fire for a major muslim holiday there. activists accusing syrian troops of shelling rebel-held areas and killing nearly two dozen people. the new violence coming just one day after car bombs and fighting killed 150 people across the area. connor powell is live in our jerusalem bureau.
2:14 pm
connor? >> greg, u.s. and international and u.n officials had high hopes for this current temporary cease-fire hoping it would faff the way -- pave the way for a more permanent cease-fire agreement. really it has not taken hold bike so many other cease-fire agreements in the past. this has really never got off the ground. yesterday there was heavy fighting across syria. more than 150 people were killed in the fighting. today we have seen additional heavy fighting. some 76 people across syria have been killed. according to rebel commanders, syrian jets took to the air pounding rebel positions and bombing buildings outside damascus. a car bomb went off near a military checkpoint. as soldiers ran they were attacked by rebel fighters. you can see both sides have been fighting the past couple days. the cease-fire was supposed to have begun yesterday at the start of a muslim religious holiday.
2:15 pm
they represented the cease-fire and that's what we have seen time and time again in syria. neither side has made any real effort to stop the fighting. we are now 19 months into the fighting in syria. and there really isn't a plan on the table to stop the violence and it seems to be getting worse and worse every day that passes. some hundreds of thousands of syrians have fled the country. more than 30,000 syrians have been killed in the violence. there are reports now that islamic extremists members of al-qaeda are beginning to flow into that country. right now this sort of hope that fighting will end there is beginning to diminish. there just doesn't seem to be international attention focused on trying to solve the problem there right now, greg. >> connor powell live in jerusalem following the syrian story. are you a techy or geek? you know it is involved to reach voters, well how about the old-fashioned tactics?
2:16 pm
the door knock. they are hitting the streets and going door-to-door. we are going to show you one state where the campaign workers are really pounding the pavement. will it work? >> and shocking details about the clinic at the center of the deadly meningitis cases. what health inspectors are finding out about safety conditions there. >> and we are tracking hurricane sandy's every move as millions of americans are being warned to prepare for what could be the worst. >> i can be as cynical as any of you, but when the storm comes if it is as bad as they were predicting it will be, you may not be as cynical as you might have been. please, i am not trying to be an alarmist. i want everybody to be ready. i want your families to be safe.
2:17 pm
2:18 pm
2:19 pm
2:20 pm
and welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. all eyes are on the weather radar. hurricane sandy is expected to come ashore near delaware early tuesday before colliding with two other weather systems. that combination could unleash torrential rains, high winds and even snow on a huge portion of the east coast.
2:21 pm
police in indonesia are arresting 11 people they say were planning terrorist attacks on a number of targets including the u.s. embassy. police seizing bombs, explosives and other bomb-making manuals. federal health inspectors say the pharmacy tied to the deadly meningitis outbreak knew about mold and bacteria, lots of it, growing in rooms that were supposed to be sterile. contaminated steroid injections have killed 25 and sickening hundreds of people. looking at ohio, it is turning into the sen tall of the the -- the center of the political universe. it is because the buckeye state could determine who wins the race for the white house. with less than two weeks to go until the election, both campaigns are devoting massive time and resources to win over the undecided voters. mike tobin looking closely at the battle for ohio. >> with polls split in single
2:22 pm
digits at their widest, it has never been as aggressive and detailed in the key battleground state of ohio. >> will you be supporting mitt romney and paul ryan this fall? >> jeff johnson is a team that knocked on 300,000 doors just this week. there is a possibility that efforts like his could decide the presidency. >> there is a lot of weight on your shoulders. >> a lot of weight. >> the detailed information volunteers take door-to-door is evidence that big brother has been watching in past elections. democrats and republicans know your name and what is important to you specifically before they knock on your door. >> we know who you are and where you live and how you voted. but more importantly to us we have an expectation on how you will vote in this election. and based on that expectation we will spend time and energy turning out those voter. >> they are doing scientific targeting. number one, it is good to give the demographic and understand where people are coming from. at the same time there is something called privacy.
2:23 pm
>> reporter: likely they get voters voters from democrats. less of the strategy is about persuasion. more of it is making certain that no one from the dedicated support base fails to cast a ballot. the personal contacts come over the phone. >> through the mail and in person. >> there is no hiding under a rock. you have to be in a different universe if you haven't received some means. >> voters likely saw rogers are annoyed. she stopped answering her home phone. >> i am ready to vote and let's get on with it already. >> there is no doubt in the mind of anyone in the buckeye state that his or her vote counts. >> so i knew ohio would be very, very important. we are very intensely aware here. >> fascinating. thanks for the report. greg? the allout effort is taking place, but it is a -- it is plane in critical areas
2:24 pm
of the country. both the obama and romney m cay pains reaching a huge chunk of the electorat. 22% of likely voters say they have been contacted by the obama campaign and 23% by the rom thee campaign. but are they gaining targeted voters. let's bring in our political panel. the president of new heights communication and former spokesperson for the democratic governor howard dean of vermont. and the former campaign manager for huckabee for president. christie, is the time for persuasion when you get down to. it is it over? >> i cooperate have said it better myself, yes. 10 days out the time for persuasion is over. we have had all of the major game-changing moments in the campaign already. we had the conventions, the debates and even the primary.
2:25 pm
now all it comes down to say for some late-breaking gaff from the candidate like richard murdoch's comments on rape this past week. it is going to be about getting out the people who you know will vote for you and may or may not get to the polls. >> you noah lot about the process here because you were involved in it. say an independent voter in ohio is contacted by telephone by the romney campaign. how does that work? >> well, what happens -- say somebody calls up and they say who are you supporting for president? they may go through a list of questions to find out if they are a committed voter or a leaned voter or undecide. if they are committed they go into the poll of get out the vote which makes sure they early vote or vote on election day. they will still try to do the persuasion if it is a lean, or if they are decided they will try to connect. they will give the name to the
2:26 pm
precinct captain and have their neighbor knock on the door. it is one thing to get a piece of mail or watch on tv, and another to have a neighbor who they go to church with say this is why i am voting for romney and i hope you will as well. >> they say all of the politics is local. you can't get much more local than that. >> couldn't be further from the truth. there is no way i can tell this except from what i have read, but it is written that obama has a better ground game in many of the critical states. is that in haul honesty really true? >> it really is true. let me give you an example. look at ohio. right now the obama campaign has 140 field offices and the romney campaign has a third of that. those are long-early term relationships with the voters. soon after the president was elected they opened their first field office in ohio and
2:27 pm
have been there for years at this point. it translates to great advantages in early voting and it means we have seen surges from african-american and latino communities and it means they have a greater number of volunteers as well. >> i wonder about voter annoyance by oversaturation. it is everywhere. my television, my radio, i get e-mails. i have gotten telephone calls. i guess they think i am ypped or fair and balanced. i am fair and balanced. at some point you say if you contact me one more time i am not voting for you. >> that's what people say. they are frustrated. they can't sit through dinner without the phone ringing or watch television without six negative attack ads. they can't even go through their mail. even saturday afternoon people are knocking on their door. that's where volunteers and people that live in the
2:28 pm
community are important. they willisen to their neighbors. there will be a few percentage of points that are undecided into election day. and then there is the unsure if they think they know what they will do. >> christie, last question to you, and making a slight left turn here. president obama has seen commanding leads he has had in the polls and the electric for rail -- electric for rail college and independent voters and women. is it it is economy and the president's attempt to get women voters based on social issues that aren't connecting as much as the economy. >> there are a few theories why romney is having a late surge. he did good in the first debate and there is some validity that late breakers break for the challenger and
2:29 pm
not the income -- incumbent. but i think a lot is overblown. i think the obama campaign is getting the votes in the bank. even if romney is surging, it might not matter. >> i owe you an apology. i referred to as chris christie and not chris stey -- christie setzer. >> i am much thinner. >> i am so sorry. thank you so much i don't know how i did that. >> thanks for having us. >> you were showing concern for new jersey. >> i guess. we were just listening to the governor a moment aping. it is time to play ball in detroit. the third game of the world series is set to get underway tonight. we have a live preview of the fall classic straight from the motor city. >> and straight ahead, one small state could play a big role in the presidential election of the ed henry is with president obama in new
2:30 pm
hampshire. ed? >> that's right. and that is a state they carried by double digits last time and struggling now. is this a sign of big trouble for the president? we will take you in the obama camp coming up.
2:31 pm
2:32 pm
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2:34 pm
the mayor of delaware ordering evacuations as the east coast braces for what could be an historic storm. hurricane sandy is expected to make landfall early on tuesday in delaware before colliding with two other weather systems. and then it could unleash torrential rains and high winds and a lot of snow. >> the senate majority leader harry reid is returning after a crash in his home state of nevada. he was treated for minor injuries and everything will be okay. >> early voting starting in florida. this has the candidates trying
2:35 pm
to convince undecideds to vote for him. >> and president obama is kicking off a week of can paining -- campaigning. the granite state has four electoral votes, but with the election so tight, the president is taking nothing for grabted in -- granted in the state he won in 2008. ed henry is traveling with the president live in new hampshire. how is it looking there,ed? >> it is a microcosm of the country. he carried the state by a big lead. this time if you look at the clear poll i can its, the president is leading by 1.3 points. it gives you an idea of how tight it is. what is he doing? he was out meeting with local teamsters and trying to fire up his liberal base. it is a two-pronged attack against mitt romney and hitting them in a new ad called remember. he lays out some of the
2:36 pm
conservative positions that mitt rom thee took in the primaries and is now trying to moderate and move to the middle if you will. he is mass masquerading the real position. the second line of attack is the new line. the president was going back and looking at his record as governor of massachusetts. he raised all sorts of taxes and fees. >> there were higher fees for gas. there were higher fees for milk. there were higher fees for blind people who needed a certificate that they were s to get a birth certificate which would have been expensive for me. >> a little birther joke there from the president. the bottom line is the romney camp has been saying in rentes days, they think the president is making the campaign very small right now, bringing up issues to hit mitt romney and
2:37 pm
not focusing on it. they think they have the president on defense in states like new hampshire where he is struggling to win this time whereas he won big four years ago. the answer from oat bay you ma campaign is if you -- from obama is the president says it is razor thin, but he has been ahead. they believe he can afford -- he has the time to come to smaller states like this and build a fire wall as some of the larger battle grounds turn. one side is right, one side is wrong. >> back and forth they go. great to see you. it is a big night for baseball fans. game three of the world series. the san francisco giants, my giants, are up 2-0 in the seven-game series. but don't count out the tigers. they are hoping to make a come back now that they are on home surf which is where we find
2:38 pm
david briggs in the middle of it all at the ballpark in detroit. hi, david. >> did not you -- did not realize you were a giants fan. history is on the side of the giants. 14 of the last 15 teams that took a two-0 series lead went on to win the world series. that adds to a very loose, relaxed, casual atmosphere for this giants team. we saw that in 2010. the very same group went on to beat the rangers. bruce bochy says his club -- well, you can see behind me, they have the same mentality this year. >> it is great to have a lead. i much prefer having the lead than the other way. i think any club would say that. again that's a number. that's all that is. joy they are a dangerous team over there. we know that. every guy in the locker room knows that. we just have to keep playing the way we have been over the last six, keeping our baseball.
2:39 pm
>> zito! >> back here at comerica park you can see both teams are actually getting warmed up. tigerstigers are taking batting practice and giants are getting arms ready. you are seeing some caps starting to come out. no worries about hurricane sandy, but it should be in the low to mid40s. both teams say it will affect them equally. all business is the atmosphere on the detroit tigers and their old school skipper jim leyland. >> i like to simplify things. i think i can simplify this pretty easy. the way i look at it, we are two games back with five to play, but we are playing the team we need to catch. i think that's the best way to approach it. >> it is one of those things in baseball you can't really explain. obviously we feel good about going into tomorrow's game. our backs are against the wall so we have to win. it is a one game at a time.
2:40 pm
>> i can promise you this, greg, the tigers' bats will come to life more so in game two when they were shut out. the pitchers vogelsong on one side and sanchez for the home team. zoe de chanel singing the national anthem. she is like you, a giants fan. i don't know if the fans know that here. she might get booed if that's the case. >> my giants were the day of willy mccovey and willy maze. now they have the giant panda. that's a thing to watch. dave briggs at the ballpark in detroit. tune into your local fox station for all of the excitement. live coverage at game 3 starts 7:30 p.m. eastern. the father of one of the brave americans killed in benghazi is speaking out. and there are new revelations coming to light about the response to calls for help that tragic day. stay with us.
2:41 pm
judge janeen pero will tell us more about what she has uncovered in the case.
2:42 pm
2:43 pm
2:44 pm
2:45 pm
welcome back, everybody. earlier we told you about new concerns over the terror attack at the u.s. consulate in libya. accusations that cia operatives and navy seals wanted to help. they even asked to help. but their superiors refused to let them move in. now the father of one victim is demanding answers and trying to figure out if and why red tape by the government may have prevented his son from getting the back up he needed. could it have saved his life? tonight on justice with judge janeen you can catch an interview with the father of navy seal tyrone woods. right now judge janeen joins us for a preview. this must have been a difficult interview to even do. let's talk first about the emotions. >> we haven't done the interview yet. he has flown in from hawaii.
2:46 pm
he will be here tonight with his sisters and his brother. of course a father who by the way was a judge. he wants answers. he wants to know who made the decision to not help his son. i could see -- i started talking to him a few days ago. as time has gone on he has gotten more and more upset as information comes out. he will describe tonight, and i look forward to asking him, what hillary clinton told him, what the president told him and how it just doesn't jive with the facts as they have been revealed day after day. so it will be emotional, but it is not unlike the interview i think that i had a few weeks ago with pat smith who is sean smith's mother who said leon panetta held her face in his hands saying i will get you the truth. and then weeks and weeks later she hasn't heard anything. >> what action -- do you feel in your capacity with all your
2:47 pm
experience hearing cases, trying cases, do you think the answers to this situation will ever come to light? >> absolutely. you know what, i talked to jason on the house oversight committee, and he is talking about the fact that more and more whistle-blowers are coming out because they are so insensed with the spin and the narrative and the lies that are coming out. here is the bottom line, jaism me. jaime, when our americans go to a foreign land, are we going to protect them? are we going to back them up? what does this mean? is this a turning point that when our men are on the ground in a foreign country in a danger zone they ask for help, and we have drones and satellites and lasers that we are not going to help them? we are going to watch them in realtime die? >> and this is bigger than relying on the locals for security. these are the professionals that maybe could have gone in and saved others.
2:48 pm
a lot of times interviews can spur action. behind your mind what did you hope would happen from the interview. >> when people hear the emotion coming from a father who lost his son and the statements told to him that we know are not true and were known not to be true at the time, then americans will start to make sure that they not only demand justice, but demand the truth. if americans are dying, then what we need is to know the truth. that's the least we are entitled to at this point. >> that's what the show is about. isit is a great promo to say not only watch this, but don't miss justice with janeen. great to have you here. greg and i will be right back.
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10 days until voters head to the polls. we have some new numbers on the race for the white house. >> that's right. the daily presidential tracking poll from rase -- rasmussen shows some breathing room. the fifth consecutive day the candidate has been at the 50% level of support giving mr. romney a three or
2:53 pm
four-point edge over president obama in each of the surveys. bringing in scott rasmussen from "rasmussen report". how bad is it for an incumbent president when he is consistently below 50% if at all. it is uping for the president -- it is troubling for the president to be behind it all. i am not sure the romney campaign would consider the race giving them some breathing rope. the thing -- breathing room. the president's job approval has been in the midto high 40 range, 47, 48%. that means we will have a close race and it is tough to overcome that. we are seeing a decisive event in the campaign. president obama was ahead heading into it and he has been behind it ever since. >> i think it is so interesting, scott, when you ask people who had participated in watching the last presidential debate,
2:54 pm
there was a very big spread in terms of the verdict of who performed the best at the debate and maybe who folks put more confidence in. would that be accurate? >> well, when we asked about all three debates combined mitt romney won by a 39-41 margin, and they are seeing him as more comfortable on the economy which obviously is the key issue in this campaign. i think what governor romney did at the debate, he passed the threshold test. he looked like he could be president. >> wanted to look at the electoral college map. we will put that up on the screen. talk to us about this. oh we don't have it? well, it has changed dramatically, hasn't it? >> yes. in the last few weeks we are seeing a little tightening. president obama still has the edge. we say he is ahead or leaning toward victory in states with 237 electoral votes. governor romney in states with 206.
2:55 pm
some of the states will be the do decisive ones. a state like florida is leaning a little in governor romney's direction. but overall it is the eight states that will determine the next president. >> how many days before folks actually go to the polls do you think the polls you are doing have the closest prediction value to what the outcome may be historically? >> it is very difficult to answer that, especially when you put it in the context of historically. it is election month in ohio. a third of the voters have sent in their ballots. what we are looking for more than anything else is a sense of where the race will be close, and where it is going to be opening up for one candidate or another. when we look at the polls right now, a place like ohio we are showing at dead even.
2:56 pm
it might come down to the ground game, the turnout efforts. i don't know who is going to win ohio. might not know that up until election day. >> scott, great information and the electric for rail -- the electoral map does change. that does it for us. >> we will see you tomorrow. i will see you tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. >> 10:00 a.m. see you there. >> have a great weekend, everyone.
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